From 2010-2015, my research in San Diego primarily concerned the politics, aesthetics, discourses and everyday practices around teaching music, especially improvised and experimental music, in a community context. As a co-founder and project leader of the Universal Language Orchestra, and as a teaching artist at A Reason to Survive (ARTS), I was lucky to work in a rich fieldwork situation for theorizing about making music with children out of the shadow of Western art music canons. Throughout this period, I was largely concerned with forging a music educational praxis (a theoretically-imbued practice) and in creating collaborative artworks with my students.

My major scholarly research project prior to this (advised by Prof. Mark Slobin) was my Wesleyan University BA honors thesis, Back to the Garden: Pastoralism, Whiteness, and Authenticity in the US Counterculture, 1968-1972, which connects the history of the back-to-the-land movement to the rock music of the era through an extremely interdisciplinary framework that embraces eco-criticism, social movement history, visual culture, music analysis, and critical race theory. You can read it here.

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