Seven Count installations

Somehow, I never managed to make a timely post about the many installations and large quantity of music that I’ve been making as a member of the collaborative  Seven Count, alongside Jake Nussbaum and Angus McCullough.


We recorded our first album in 2016, largely in the carriage barn at the Park McCullough House, North Bennington, VT (in the background of the gif).


18726R2-R01-005.jpgHere’s me in the superstation at the heart of Invitation, the exhibition we made in May-June 2017 , in a wonderful gallery called Border Patrol, in my hometown of Portland, ME.

We documented and catalogued that installation on a series of custom collaged cassettes, which we collated into a small edition tape called An Invitation Clock


…which was exhibited at several art book fairs (Boston, New England, Overland, all 2017), alongside a zine catalogue of the show.










Here’s a shot of our next installation, Request Line (BUOY Gallery, Kittery, ME, Augu 2017)


13330002 (1).JPG


I hope to add more documentation here when I get around to it!  In the meanwhile, Angus’s and Jake’s individual pages on the project are voluminous, and their websites generally much more up to date!

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