Adam Tinkle’s output as a singer-songwriter explores intimacy, dream-logic, incisive humor, and poetic playfulness, extending the themes of his wider and woolier artistic practice (in sound, video, installation, sculpture and myriad immersive and experimental forms) through a populist idiom and his powerful voice. After stints fronting the psych-Americana quintet The Shade and the electro-folk duo Creosota, Adam’s recent performance mode has been solo, wreathed in atmospheric electronics and cradling the 12-string guitar that, in one song, he calls his therapist. His forthcoming LP Polyana is a chronological cycle of tunes that tell of the dissolution of a marriage, but with a millenial twist: how does a break-up album sound different when the break-up coincides with the opening of a marriage and the utopian aspirations of polyamory? Recorded with and featuring backup from NY rock legend Pete Donnelly (The Figgs, NRBQ), Polyana takes as its stylistic starting point the 1970s output of David Crosby and Joni Mitchell, with a rich harmonic and lyrical landscape rooted in folk and tinged with jazz.

Past releases

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