In Spring 2015, I began hosting a series of community radio-making workshops at Skidmore College. Find out the details here.

Coming soon: In June 2015, MDOCS Radio Hour will begin broadcasting on WSPN 91.1 FM Saratoga Springs. Much of the content will be generated through the MDOCS community radio-making workshops and through MDOCS courses.

All this work harkens back to my community radio days in San Diego…

…A videographically illuminated sample from Unrestriced Airspace (my weekly KNSJ FM broadcast, 2013-2014)

I was a founding broadcaster on San Diego’s first and only community radio station, KNSJ 89.1 FM Descanso. From the station’s launch in 2013 until the summer of 2014, when I moved to New York, I produced and hosted a weekly program that blended music and audio documentary work. Descanso, the station ID and nominal home of the studio-less staion, was the mountain community where I lived, but, in a strange turn, I was the only member of the KNSJ team who lived there, so I felt a bit of responsibility to help other locals engage with the station. This was an ongoing challenge, as KNSJ is avowedly left-leaning, and Descanso, along with most of East San Diego, is, well, not.

Unrestricted Airspace had two stated goals:

–broadcasting music and voices that you won’t hear anywhere else in SD’s largely tired and reactionary mediascape. That means strange sounds new and old, in any genre but always NO-FI (Following the military industrial theme of restricted airspace, perfectly keyed to San Diego, the show’s tagline was “You are entering the NO-FI zone”)

–Increasing the possibilities for civil society and local identity in San Diego’s Mountain Empire and backcountry by training community broadcasters to record their own stories and create their own radio featurettes. Supported by San Diego County Libraries, I offered trainings in sound recording and editing, and then aired all the content produced by those community members as part of Unrestricted Airspace.

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