As a singer songwriter, I sometimes play under my own name, and sometimes under the quasi-pseudonym of adam/tinkle\bells

These songs are from a new LP of songs, tentatively entitled Polyanic Cycle.

My most recent release is Town Cryer, half of a split cassette on Midnight Gallery

I love to play in strange spaces, and to mess about with the classics. Someone once described my music as psychedelic post-Americana.

I’ve been playing my songs mostly solo since around 2014. Before that, main songs project, Creosota, was a glitch-folk duo with instrument inventor and electronic music genius Joe Mariglio/3SPDS

I super love the EP we made in San Diego in 2011:

That was in the vicinity of the last days of The Shade, the band I fronted in and after college, which toured both coasts (twice!) and made a righteous racket.

Some Collaborators

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