Past Events

Karl Berger & Friends, performed as a member of UCSD Improvisers Orchestra, CPMC 10/12

The Art of Sound in San Diego, curated exhibition at Space4Art Gallery, San Diego, as member of UOIEA collective, 8/25/12

Vegetation Gathering Prohibited, installational performance with original artist-built sound sculpture/instrument, CPMC (5/2012), Telemagica Festival (5 hr performance, 6/2012), San Diego Museum of Art (6 hr performance, 7/2012)

Nicole Mitchell & Friends, performed as a member of UCSD Improvisers Orchestra, CPMC 5/12

*Mu ez zi ng, culmination of artist residency at Joshua Tree Nat’l Park, 3 hour durational performance for 12 instruments in a vast outdoor expanse (highlighted in LA Times), 4/21/12

*Wonder Valley Experimental Music Fest, 4/12/12

*A Mess of Things, fully staged music-drama for documentary audio, video, solo performer, live music on guitar and electronics, performed :

   –at the 2011 Hollywood Fringe Festival, 6/9, 6/18, 6/23, 6/24,

   –winner, Best of Fringe

    –as graduate recital towards M.A. degree, at CPMC Experimental Theatre, San Diego 4/1/11

    –at the 2011 &Now Festival of New Writing, San Diego, 10/15/2011

    –at the Maine Jewish Museum, Nospace (Philadelphia), and at Don’t Say Shit in Front of the B.A.B.Y, curated by Aliza Simons, Manhattan, NY (12/2011)

*The Shade, West Coast Tour, 6 performances, 10/11

Animals vs. Robots: An Outdoor Arts Festival. Curated and organized daylong festival of music in natural spaces at Tanglezone Farm

*Pacifighost, performances at the Loft, Conrad Prebys Music Center (CPMC) (La Jolla), Tin Can Alehouse (San Diego), recorded in Studio A, UCSD, 2/11-5/11

New Brutalists, performances at CPMC (La Jolla), Public Assembly (LA), Stanford University, University of California, Santa Barbara, 4/11-5/11

*Creosota, performances at CPMC (La Jolla), KCSB radio (Santa Barbara), Telemagica Festival (Jacumba, CA), Tin Can Alehouse (San Diego)

*The Shade, East Coast Tour, 5 performances, 10/10

*The Shade (trio), West Coast Tour, 5 performances, 9/10

Museum of Making Music, Carlsbad, CA. lecture/performance with Chris Warren, 9/10.

*The Shade, West Coast Tour, 12 performances, 6/10-7/10

There Goes the Neighborhood, community art festival with site-specific opera and city

bus performances, 5/10

New Brutalists, California Electronic Music Exchange Concerts (Cal Arts), Synchronicity Space (LA), Pieter Performing Arts Space (LA), CPMC (La Jolla) 5/10

*“Composition 206” (Anthony Braxton) + works by Adam Tinkle, Drew Allen,

Robert Ashley and George Lewis, arranged, directed ensemble and performed 5/10, CPMC

UCSD Improvisation Ensemble, under direction of Mark Dresser, 5/10 at CPMC Black

Box Theater and Pacific Beach Public Library.

*The Shade, East Coast tour, 5 performances, 3/10.

Worker’s Union (Louis Andriessen), UCSD graduate student ensemble 11/2009

Tall Tales, played banjo and pedal steel in indie-folk band with Fareed Sajan (now Headless Horsemen), ~10 performances, 2008-9.

Sewing Machines, played electric guitar and pedal steel with alt-country band from inaugural performances (11/07) through leader Max Horwich’s BA recital (2/08), along with east coast tour, ~5 performances (3/09) and west coast tour, ~8 performances (7-8/09)

*Adam Tinkle Electroacoustic Qtet, BA Recital for Dept of Music, Wesleyan University, composed and performed music for , featuring Brendan O’Connell (viola, reel-to-reel tape delay system), Dana Matthiessen (drums, electronics), Rod O’Connor (laptop), and myself (saxophone, leader), Beckham Hall, Middletown, CT.

Anthony Braxton Large Ensemble, various performances and recordings 2005-2009, incl. trio and quintet recordings of Echo Echo Mirror House music, 5/2009, Wesleyan Univ

Wesleyan University Balinese Gamelan, 2 performances, 5/09

Invited Collaborations/ Intermedia/Sound Designs

Cal-Lab Kitchen, culminating performance, Casa Cultura, Tijuana, MX, 8/21

Sacred Earth, Sacred Sky, as guest musician with Cal-Lab Kitchen international choreography symposium, Black’s Beach, La Jolla, 8/18

Collision, improvised performance series, San Diego, 10/22 & 11/12

Hot Tones/Not Vertical, Dance/music duet, Hwy 62 Art Tours event for Joshua Tree, CA region 10/11

Peregrine Project, music composition/audio production for an outdoor, site specific mobile theater piece for headphones and dancers in Balboa Park, San Diego. Directed by Snehal Desai, produced with the Old Globe Theater, SD.

Weathering. Composer and bass clarinet for site-specific dance by Shayna Keller at Indian Cove, Joshua Tree National Park, culminating Keller’s artist residency.

WinterWorks 2011, music composition/sound design for dance by Eric Geiger, La Jolla Playhouse Potiker Theater, 3/11.

Crossing Boundaries 2011. Director, music, and media design for “Adumbration Creases”, plus live music in collaborative interart performance under direction of Prof. Shahrokh Yadegari, La Jolla Playhouse Forum Theater, 1/11

Malibu, music/sound design for short film by Alicia Peterson Baskell, winner of the Loft Film Festival, UCSD 5/10.

Compositions for “Phantom Band”, a new play by Krista Knight. Original scores for clarinet, alto sax and trombone, with electronic playback. Baldwin New Play Festival, La Jolla Playhouse, 4/10.

Audio recorder/videographer, Rebecca Salzer. Recorded audio and video for Salzer’s MFA thesis for UCSD Dept. of Theater and Dance, 2/2010.

Crossing Boundaries 2010, collaborative interart performace under direction of Prof. Shahrokh Yadegari, Calit2 Black Box theatre, 1/2010.

Secret Science of Forgetting, sound design for original devised stage play by No Face Theatre, performed live on voice, piano and laptop.

Tesla Place, for outdoor conceptual dance by Pedro Alejandro, scored for sax and laptop

15’ for four electric guitars inscribing a rectangle, for dance “AIOU” by Shayna Keller. Scored for four electric guitars, plus installation and performance elements. 5/09.

Aperture, for dance by Shayna Keller. Scored for voice, laptop and electronics, 11/08.

No Eggshells/Outside, for outdoor site-specific dance by Pedro Alejandro, Wesleyan U, 5/08

Winter Dance, Spring Dance sound designs & live music performances for dances by Annie Perretta, Devon Hopkins and Shayna Keller, Wesleyan Univ Ctr for Arts, 2007-9

Conference Presentations

Graphic Notation as a tools for teaching composition, improvisation and self-expression to children,” presented at “Time Stands Still: Notation in Musical Practice,” Wesleyan University, April 2013

“Finding a space for critical pedagogy and social justice in music academia,” presented at “New Directions in Music Graduate Programs,” ICIT Conference at UC Irvine, March 2013

“Pastoral Ideologies, Nostalgic and Eco-futurist”, conference paper presented at “Science, Technology, and the Humanities: A New Synthesis,” Stevens Institute of Technology, April 25th, 2009.

Back to the Garden: Pastoralism, Whiteness and Country Rock in the US Counterculture, 1968-1972”, conference paper presented at the annual conference of the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment, University of Victoria, May 2009.

“Racial and Spatial Codes in the Easy Rider Soundtrack: how urban-rural binaries are coded to music genres” conference paper presented at the annual conference of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music, US, June 2009.

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