Shayna Keller is a Los Angeles-based choreographer and dancer for whom I’ve made five original musical scores/sound designs, stretching all the way back to 2007. As a Joshua Tree National Park Artist-in-Residence, she was also the person who first brought me out to Indian Cove, where we worked on her Weathering, and where I returned a year later to create my mu ez zi ng.

Peregrine, an experimental headphone-based theatrical exploration of San Diego’s Balboa Park, directed by Snehal Desai and produced by the Old Globe Theater, for which I composed and produced the audio content.

peregrine pic

WinterWORKS, choreographed by Eric Geiger, professor of Dance at UCSD. Mashing up live and studio recordings by Joy Division with the liminal sounds surrounding performance–applause, tuning, chatter, I created an original score that danced around,but never quite became, music.

Cal-Laboratory Kitchen, an international choreography symposium and residency, for which I created music and sound for site-responsive performances in La Jolla and Tijuana with Lux Boreal, one of Mexico’s foremost contemporary dance companies, and the folks behind Sacred Earth Sacred Sky: Allyson Greene, Peter Terezakis and John Flood.

No Face Performance, formed at Wesleyan University, collaboratively create shocking, awe-inducing performative explorations of real and imagined American landscapes. In 2009, I composed and performed a live sound design for their Secret Science of Forgetting, about a post apocalyptic world in which all birds are extinct, except that all the humans seem to be turning into birds. Since, I’ve been back to perform and produce work at their Nospace venue in North Phillie.

Pedro Alejandro (choreographer, Professor of Dance), for whom I created original music and multichannel sound designs for No Eggshells/Outside and Tesla Place, both of them outdoor, site-specific works at Wesleyan University’s Center for the Arts. I worked with electronic musician Rod O’Connor on both of these.

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