I am an artist/scholar, working at the interface of music, sound art, audio documentary, multidisciplinary performance, and socially-engaged art.

Some representative artistic projects: “A Mess of Things” (an evening-length solo performance and artist’s book dealing with family archives as inheritance and burden), the Universal Language Orchestra (a children’s ensemble that improvised on and composed for invented instruments),  “The Hard Problem” (a sci-fi radio play with Marina Abramović and novelist Kim Stanley Robinson ), “They Shoot Lasers, Don’t They?: Electronic Music Theatre with Instruments of Interferometry” (with inventor Joe Mariglio, workshopped at Stanford and NYU).

My book manuscript, on experimental music and the aesthetics of social participation, explores surprising links between the reputedly recondite sonics of John Cage, Ornette Coleman, Pauline Oliveros, and their co-conspirators, with contemporary conversations around inclusive, public practice in the arts. My writing has been published in Leonardo Music Journal, Organised Sound, and American Music Review.

As a member of the collaborative music-installation-radio group Seven Count, I make broadcasts, gallery exhibitions, recordings, and zines. I studied music at Wesleyan and UC San Diego, and I have taught at Skidmore College since 2014, where I have guided the development of the John B. Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative, or MDOCS, including taking a key role in envisioning the summer Documentary Storytellers’ Institute from its inception, and creating the mission and programming for the program’s DOClab. I currently serve as director of MDOCS.

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