Two upcoming Tang Museum events

I’ve been exceptionally lucky in my first semester at Skidmore College to get involved with the Tang, the wonderful teaching museum and contemporary art hub on campus.

The current Tang show, I Was A Double, was co-curated by the oh-so-lauded Bang on a Canner David Lang, who kindly made a guest visit to my Intro to Music class. New music mavens like Ashley Bathgate and So Percussion also came to play inside the museum galleries in coordination with David’s on-campus residency and they totally killed it. Now, I’ve gotten roped into two additional Tang events: a remix workshop (where campus DJs and I will talk and teach some basics around working remixing and the various ways of working with digital audio) and an ensuing remix party.

The goal here is to get a lot of students to take the individual tracks from the sound installation David Lang composed for the museum show, and then transfigure them, creating new music out of David’s tracks (which themselves were settings of artists’ statements). This is all very apropos of David’s work, of course, since his recent work has included various riffs on the idea of recontextualization and remix.

But it’s also totally on point for my MU 100 class–all semester, students have been invited to do their assignments either as written work or using Audacity, the free digital audio workstation. I’m offering the option of participating in the remix events as one way to complete the final project.

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