Exciting Collaborations

So many exciting collaborations coming up!

In a little over a week, I’ll be playing a set with the Mattson 2 at UC Irvine’s Improvisation, Composition and Technology Conference. I’m also playing on both Jon and Jared Mattson’s upcoming MFA recitals. Stay tuned for those dates

Later in March, the Universal Language Orchestra will be collaborating with the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, with a focus on using Scoli Acosta’s sound art show there to inspire kids with other concepts of instrument building than the ones we’ve been exploring.

In April, I’ll be starting to broadcast a music and interviews show on KNSJ 89.1. I’m hoping to also get together a youth radio program similar to the one that many of my friends took part in at WPMG Portland, ME: Blunt Youth Radio.

Also, in addition to keeping an eye on this site, be sure to follow tanglezone.blogspot.com, the weblog for my farm/homestead. That’s where pictures of our about-to-be-born baby goats will be posted, and they are certain to be mega cute.

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